Conceiving web startups

It's hard to find co-founders

Bad timing

Missing skills

Already commited

You need execution

  • Experienced entrepreneurs
    (min. 2 projects)
  • Skilled makers
    (web application, algorithmic, UX, etc.)
  • Hire for result
    (risk taking)
  • Paid in money and shares
    (capital after first project only)

Entrepreneur as a service

For tech entrepreneurs tired of people competing with each other and unfair capital split, we offer a talented collaborative team creating tech startups. Unlike traditional startup studios, we share ownership, leadership and open governance rules.

We also provide app conception services to help friends of the tech startup ecosystem.

Lean startup

Follow startup best practice: built with clients, hypothesis validation, iterative learning/building

Web development

Build complex applications with top notch technologies (previous projects with Node.js, React, Redux, Elixir, Elm, iOS, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, AWS, Firebase, Heroku and APIs from Facebook, Google, Soundcloud, etc.)

User experience

Make the user user flow seamless: user stories, screen drawing, focussing features, usage patterns

Co-created projects

itinari helps travelers to find where to go and what to do according to your desires in no time.

  • Architecture & development
  • Deployment in cloud cluster
  • UX and design

Technologies: AWS, Docker Swarm, Node.js, MongoDB, React, Redux, Elasticsearch, Redis, Facebook API, Google API. is an alternative web radio covering rock, hip-hop and electronic music.

  • Web app conception
  • Music streaming
  • User experience

Technologies: Heroku, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, AWS, SoundManager2.

WiseRadar selects and summarizes the most relevant news about your market or community (currently offline).

  • Co-foundation
  • Front-end / UX
  • Growth hacking

Technologlies: Heroku, Node.js, MongoDB, superfeedr, semantic algorithms, Mandrill, Mixpanel, Intercom.

FTRSND creates a collaborative environment to help electronic musicians grow professional.

  • Co-foundation
  • Strategy / structure
  • Web app development

Technologies: Heroku, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, SoundCloud API, YouTube API, Facebook API, Twitter API.

DiscoverTracks mimics what we, musicians, do to discover the next best tracks: we ask the musicians we love what they listen to.

  • Algorithmic
  • Web app dev
  • UX + Design

Technologies: Heroku, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, SoundCloud API, preference modeling.

MetaForEvents provides a higher return from event campaign through national scale face-to-face marketing projets. [renamed EventChannel]

  • Co-foundation
  • B2B Sales
  • Strategy / processes

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We're looking for a #growthhacker and a UX/designer to join our team!


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