Conceiving web startups

It's hard to find co-founders

Bad timing

Missing skills

Already commited

You need execution

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  • Experienced entrepreneurs
    (min. 2 projects)
  • Skilled makers
    (web application, algorithmic, UX, etc.)
  • Hire for result
    (risk taking)
  • Paid in money and shares
    (capital after first project only)

Entrepreneur as a service

Lean startup

Follow startup best practice: built with clients, hypothesis validation, iterative learning/building

Web development

Build complex applications with top notch technologies: Ruby on Rails (server side), AngularJS (client side), PostgreSQL or MongoDB (database) and third party services (Facebook, Google, Soundcloud, etc.)

User experience

Make the user user flow seamless: user stories, screen drawing, focussing features, usage patterns

Co-created projects is an alternative web radio covering rock, hip-hop and electronic music.

  • Web app conception
  • Music streaming
  • User experience

Posaia helps travelers better plan their multi-place trips based on their interests.

  • Full-stack development
  • Team contribution

Tyquote is a simple game to tickle your mind – "Clever quotes, smarter typos"

  • Concept creation
  • Typos making
  • Design

Multiphoniques lists concert flute fingerings to producer several notes at the same time (for flute experts and composers).

  • Co-creation
  • Web app implementation
  • UX/Design

WiseRadar selects and summarizes the most relevant news about your market or community.

  • Co-foundation
  • Front-end / UX
  • Growth hacking

FTRSND creates a collaborative environment to help electronic musicians grow professional.

  • Co-foundation
  • Strategy / structure
  • Web app development

DiscoverTracks mimics what we, musicians, do to discover the next best tracks: we ask the musicians we love what they listen to.

  • Algorithmic
  • Web app dev
  • UX + Design

MetaForEvents provides a higher return from event campaign through national scale face-to-face marketing projets. [renamed EventChannel]

  • Co-foundation
  • B2B Sales
  • Strategy / processes

Springout helps friends gather at last mintue, seamleassly. [out of business]

  • Co-foundation
  • Web / mobile app dev

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