Crafting mobile applications for teams

Your mobile application is your strategy is a collaborative team of experienced entrepreneurs. We help your team bring your next mobile application idea to the hands of your users. We provide:

Most of all, we provide luck.

Entrepreneur as a service


Services from strategy to execution

Startup strategy

Follow startup best practice with your project. Ensure your app fits your business strategy. Build with clients. Validate your assumptions. Iterative fast and learn what works... we will tell you when we think you are wrong.

Mobile application development

Build top notch applications with cutting edge technologies. iOS and Android apps at once through React Native. Real-time database, cloud deployment and storage with Firebase and Amazon Web Service. Interaction with Facebook, Google, Soundcloud and other APIs.

User experience

Make the user flow seamless. Create appealing user stories from day one. Design your app with common usage patterns in mind. Get your most important features right first.

Some past projects

LNCH make lunch scheduling extremely fast and delicious 😋

UX/design, calendar automation, Google Place API, inbound email and API server in Elixir Phoenix

Brussels Electronic Marathon (official app) is 3 days of electronic music from the local scene. 200+ artists, 30+ venues, 60+ music collectives, 100% Brussels.

UX/design, automated data gathering with Facebook API, music streaming with Soundcloud API, Google Map and directions, Elixir Phoenix API and back office

Music festival? ...get your own app!

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Proxideal reduces food waste and empowers local shops by allowing them to share promotions to nearby users.

Customer and shop apps developments (React Native), geolocated notifications, real time database (Firebase)

itinari helps travelers to find where to go and what to do according to their desires in no time.

Architecture (4 apps, data collection with Facebook and Google APIs), implementation (Node.js, React, Redux, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch), deployment (AWS, Docker Swarm) and UX/design is an alternative web radio covering rock, hip-hop and electronic music.

Web application conception (Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, AngularJS), music streaming (AWS, SoundManager2)

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